X-high Group aviation division is an international supplier and distributor of the commercial, corporate, aircraft parts. A team of maintenance and technical experts (B1/B2), professional commercial pilots and engineers have made X-high Group to provide the fastest service to the airlines, MOR’s and the supplies around the globe.

Having access to various parts inventories around world, directly or through consignments, it has been a main key to provide an express service to AOG cases. A modern approach to supply, competitive prices and custom-tailored services help us to maintain an advance positions and keep up stable growth rates in this field. X-High will present the lowest maintenance cost to the operators with its dedicated professional team members.

Base Maintenance Representation

When it comes to keeping a fleet in the air, X-High Materials Representatives are our source of knowledge, overseeing every link in the supply chain to minimize downtime and provide a low cost to the airlines and the operators. We provide a representative to a MRO or an airline during their maintenance services to provide them with the needed parts in the shortest time and the lowest price.

Sales and Exchange

Our potential inventories are truly Nose-to-Tail, covering everything from Consumables, Rotables, to the Engines and APU’s. And all are available immediately from our AOG department. Traceability is guaranteed, and all parts are supplied with appropriate airworthiness release certifications from the OEM’s and approved FAA/EASA/CAAC certified repair shops.

Repair Management

For many airlines, component repair can be a stressful process, especially for AOG cases. Dealing with workshops, tackling tough timescales, negotiating deals and delivering the goods on time… X-High Group with a superior MRO network access minimizes the time and the cost for the operators and its clients.

Engines and APU’s

X-High supports engines materials for : V2500-A5, CFM56-5A/5B/5C, PW4000 , CF6 Series with all appropriate certifications, authorized and approved repair shops globally. We also supply the full APU’s and their parts. The APU’s we support are GTCP-131-9A/-9B, 331-200/500.