Conceptual Design

Concept development is the first phase of design, in which drawings, solid models, and simple analytical models are the dominant tools and products. X-High can assist in all of the following areas: ideation, concept development, system layout, concept refinement, 3D modeling, and package design. The conceptual design process usually begins with a review of functional requirements and performance metrics. X-High works closely with the client to ensure that the full design intent is captured and engineering considerations are incorporated at this early stage of development. Our engineers are trained in both SolidWorks and NX and can create both simple and complex 3D models to visualize the general system layout or “architecture.” These models enable customers to provide more focused feedback at an early stage in the design process and ensure that we deliver an outstanding end product.

Prototype Development

Prototypes are a critical part of any product or technology development. They are used for testing, market studies, communication, and other research and development activities. X-High provides physical prototype development and fabrication services to support clients with their product development processes. Our experience with the mechanics, materials (metal, plastics, and composites), and manufacturing aspects of product design helps our customers reduce the number of prototypes and mechanical tests necessary to arrive at a high-quality, reliable, and cost-effective product.

We will work closely with you to engineer your product prototype, produce prototype drawings, and deliver prototype hardware. In addition to our own facilities, X-High has strong relationships with several manufacturing companies, including additive manufacturing (3-D printing) providers, that can produce precision prototypes for metallic, plastic, or composite products. We can assist with prototypes that include electronics, embedded software, and other nonstructural or mechanical components as well.

Detailed Design

Detailed design is often considered the most crucial stage in the design process. After general sizing and structural validation has been completed, localized regions need to be examined and optimized.

X-High has extensive design experience in this realm of product development. Our background in fatigue assessment, independent design assessment (third-party review), and structural analysis gives us unique insight into the issues that need to be examined during detailed design.

From verifying that the product is designed for the appropriate lifecycles to minimizing manufacturing costs, we can guide your product to success.

Independent Design Workshop

X-High has an extensive design experience in analyzing and assessing factors of safety for complex mechanical and structural systems. Product designs we have supported range from aerospace vehicles to entertainment rides to public art installations.

Our level of involvement during independent verification and validation (IV&V) of designs has varied from detailed review of customer-generated structural documentation, drawings, or analysis reports to completely independent development of loads, environments, and analyses for comparison to existing documentation.