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The Path to X High Group Russia

The business history of X High group was initiated in 2001. One of cofounders as an Aerospace engineer and a commercial pilot started the first Aviation accompany, Virginia Aviation SV. De CV, in Mexico with cooperation with two airlines, Aerolineas Allegro and Aviacsa, and two corporate aircraft charter companies, Aerolinas Ejecutivas and Avemex at Toluca International Airport in providing the charter flights and providing aircraft parts for the airlines for a period of 8 years. The company was sold to Avemex. For research and engineering related to biofuel the new company was setup in Berlin, Germany in 2009 which participated in some biofuel research from the Algae with the University of Hamburg and the Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR) and performing test flight on a Learjet 24D and proposing some engine modifications and designs for compatibility to biofuel. Also the company started distribution of the aircraft parts and engines and in parallel, performing and providing the private charter flights services. For the great demand from the Russian airlines and MRO’s for aircraft parts and the technical support the ground to establish a new company in Russia was stablished in order to exclusively support the Russian clients. X High Group also has arranged an Engineering department to assist different local and international corporations with different research and studies for the new products in Russia and planning to introduce innovative sustainable engineering and manufacturing methods in different industrial sectors such as Aerospace, Green Engineering, and manufacturing.